Moonglow midnight choir
Sing me to my slumber
This bed I have made
Shall feel my final shutter

As humble as the field mice
As solemn as a stone
The ground in which they rest
Will soon cradle my bones

Martor of prose
With your last breath hum
A vestigial tune
Till your lungs grow numb

I drink from the chalice
In the parlor of death
The clock chimes the hour
As I breathe my final breath


I Dreamed a Prophecy

A word for one

I dreamed of master

Drawn by creatures

Born of disaster


In fields of flowers

Ithuriel’s spears

There grows a taint

Not aged by years


By madness shackled

And prophet doomed

The invader’s lance

Leaves a piercing wound


Beasts damned

Lie in wait

The blows they deal

Leave wounds too great


The lady of white

Her mouth stained red

Her maddened cackle

Reverberates in my head


The priest of doom

Blood pours from his eyes

His wail is calling

Hell from the skies


The lady of white

The priest of doom

A madness of blood

Posture of death assumed


Mental Calamity

There’s a bitter little rhythm

Pounding in my head

It’s tied up with words

Telling me “better off dead”


My little travesty

Such a mental calamity

To use my borrowed time

To shatter my sanity


What bitter pill

Might I find to swallow down

To stop the raging storm

That washes away my solid ground


This fight is picturesque

A vision of loveliness

But I guess I must have missed

Cause it ended with a kiss


And it seems

That all I do is try

Never get anywhere

Barely make it by


What sort of tragedy

Is an ever breaking heart

A view of the ever ending

Instead of the ever start


What are these words

That manifest the way they do

Are they cosmic roar

Or just feedback from thoughts of you


What sort of ending

Should I give this mess

A razor blade tragedy

Or a kiss of happiness


Does it matter

Like most things we do

They never seem to impress

Anyone outside of you


Mr Oblivion

Goodbye Mr Oblivion
With your darkness I’m done
Saddled up to find a place of
Freedom and fun

Goodbye Mr Lonely One
May the mirror find you well
But the toll that this takes will
Leave you in hell

Goodbye Mr Solitude
Your borken and sweet
But I can’t be here with you I
Keep moving my feet

Goodbye Mr Raging Anger
Blood red and brused
Swollen knuckles and split lips are
How I’m leave you

Goodbye Mr Universe
I’ve had my fun
Maybe we will meet again but
Now I have to run

Hello Mr Oblivion
It seems like years
Please sit and talk with me while I
Name all my tears


Worship You

I’ll make you my alter
My goddess of need
Cover you in my blood
And fill you with my seed

Burn myself in effigy
Upon your pyre
Sweet lick of flames
As I taste your fire

Your body is the temple
That I break and profane
To build once again
Blessed in your name

You are my goddess
You are my lamb
I’ll take what I want
And give all I can



Blood and guts
Of feted lamb
Basks in fire
Too sacred for ram

Sow the seed
To reap the oat
Prepare the bowl
And bleed the goat

Shatter the alters
Douse the pyres
Shelter the best
Offer filth and liars

Murderous, monstrous
The buthcer cleaves
Bundled and sold
To clutching thieves

Oven and furnace
Pit and pyre
All life is cycled
In the belly of fire



The dream is over
The dream is dead
Its soul lies rotting
Deep in my bed

With solemn sobs
And shuttered breath
I curse the world
That brought this death

Weary heart
Beats out of time
Its final rhythm
Its greatest crime

Death black sorrow
Hangs as a veil
A concealing shadow
For the widow’s wail

Wordless, formless
Aching from pain
Tear filled eyes
Lost in the rain