Worm of Doubt

The wiggling, squiggling

Worm of doubt

Is stuck in my head

And it won’t get out


It wiggles and squiggles

Down into my heart

Eats up my love

Just tears it apart


I got a worm of doubt

Won’t leave me alone

Tunnels in my head

Is where it makes it’s home


Hopes and dreams

Are its daily bread

It gobbles them up

While I’m still in bed


When the worm speaks

I can’t help but listen

But I hide all the knives

If I’m in the kitchen


It slithers and shivers

Up to my ear

Now sit down boy

And listen here


You’ve made more mistakes

Like you always do

But the old worms here

To see you thru


She never did love ya

She never did care

You were just wind

Running thru her hair


Everyone hates

What you’ve become

And it’s your own fault

Cause you’re oh so dumb


You fall for the lies

Of all your “friends”

While they all hope

To see dead in the end


I’m your worm of doubt

And I won’t leave you

There’s no one else

To help you see it thru


I got a worm of doubt

Won’t leave me alone

While I cry on the floor

Of my home