Three Dollar Beauty Queen

When the world is black roses

And the worst has come at last

Forgive all your shadows

Cause in time this too shall pass


With the ring your father gave you

And the motel you now call home

Sleepless eyes stare back at you

Through the hair you try and comb


You can’t remember days

When your smiles weren’t all fake

When the sun washed away your pain

Now it just causes you to ache


You treble for the needle

Like you did for your first kiss

With the boy who promised to love you

And then showed it with his fist


You crumble at the mention

Of the promises you believed

But you can stop all this pain

By rolling up your sleeve


You can’t remember faces

Of those who’ve lain across your bed

But what does that matter now

As you gently lull your head


The crying can stop now

The pain has washed away

Enjoy the peace you have

Cause tomorrow is another day