Body Bag

I want more than a sweet surprise

I need more than your soft goodbyes

I can’t stand what it does to me

Every time that you have to leave


I want more than I know I need

I need you down on your knees

Run away, yeah I know I should

I’d just end up in your neighborhood


Well maybe this is me calling quits

To all your lies and selfish shit

Oh God how I wish it were true

Truth is I’m never leaving you


I can’t help but feel I’m stuck

Tied up in the back of this truck

You’ve got me bound and gagged

I’m only leaving in a body bag


Goodbye Anna

My dear sweet Anna

I have go

I don’t want you beside me

Across this open road


It’s not the path I wanted

But it’s the one I chose

I hope you can understand

But I guess I‘ll never know


So goodbye sweet Anna

Goodbye my dear

By the time you’ve read this

I’ll be far from here


I know you won’t shed a tear

Not where anyone can see

I won’t say that this hurts

But you’ve always been stronger than me


I know that this isn’t right

But it’s the best that I can do

Maybe one day I will change

But it’s not something I can do for you


So goodbye sweet Anna

Goodbye my dear

By the time you’ve read this

I’ll be far from here


Hello dear Anna

It’s been so long

I hope this letter finds you well

I hear your kids grew up strong


You know the road has thought me

How in your darkest night

When you’re blind to everything

That stars can shine twice as bright


The road has thought me oh so much

So many things I never knew

Like out of all the things I thought I’d miss

None of them measure up to you


Yes I often thought about you

And how I left you then

You know it always felt so wrong

But you know I’d do it again


So goodbye sweet Anna

Goodbye again

I can’t promise you’ll hear from me

But I’ll always be your friend


Now goodbye sweet Anna

Goodbye my dear

You know the only way I stay alive

Is knowing I can find you here



These grey skies they speak of days long past

The sweet smell of pine and freshly cut grass

When a humble man could make good all his debts

To the church his soul and the bank his checks


It seems so long ago from where we stand

Broke and alone both woman and man

Threw away our souls to hold firm our checks

The bank’s now churches while church is a wreck


What hope can be found in these hopeless days

When no lovers or brothers ever seem to stay

Only cowards and thieves seem to rule these lands

And our only response is our head in our hands


We’ve no more backbone to hang our souls upon

We gave up our shovels and sold our farms

We praise the dollar above earth and soil

We’ve no more strength left for honest toil


Deceivers and schemers and all their wretch

May they burn in hell for the lives they wreck

They take in the fools and lie to the wise

They take all we’ve got as they pass us by


Broken and embittered both you and I

We gave them our land and they took our sky

With a smile and a handshake they promised us health

Now we’re sick in this squalor while they count their wealth


We’ve made our mistakes and paid in blood

Both our hearts wounded and caked in mud

We struggle to breath under all this weight

We pray for our debt and our own estates



Moonglow midnight choir
Sing me to my slumber
This bed I have made
Shall feel my final shutter

As humble as the field mice
As solemn as a stone
The ground in which they rest
Will soon cradle my bones

Martor of prose
With your last breath hum
A vestigial tune
Till your lungs grow numb

I drink from the chalice
In the parlor of death
The clock chimes the hour
As I breathe my final breath


I Dreamed a Prophecy

A word for one

I dreamed of master

Drawn by creatures

Born of disaster


In fields of flowers

Ithuriel’s spears

There grows a taint

Not aged by years


By madness shackled

And prophet doomed

The invader’s lance

Leaves a piercing wound


Beasts damned

Lie in wait

The blows they deal

Leave wounds too great


The lady of white

Her mouth stained red

Her maddened cackle

Reverberates in my head


The priest of doom

Blood pours from his eyes

His wail is calling

Hell from the skies


The lady of white

The priest of doom

A madness of blood

Posture of death assumed


Mental Calamity

There’s a bitter little rhythm

Pounding in my head

It’s tied up with words

Telling me “better off dead”


My little travesty

Such a mental calamity

To use my borrowed time

To shatter my sanity


What bitter pill

Might I find to swallow down

To stop the raging storm

That washes away my solid ground


This fight is picturesque

A vision of loveliness

But I guess I must have missed

Cause it ended with a kiss


And it seems

That all I do is try

Never get anywhere

Barely make it by


What sort of tragedy

Is an ever breaking heart

A view of the ever ending

Instead of the ever start


What are these words

That manifest the way they do

Are they cosmic roar

Or just feedback from thoughts of you


What sort of ending

Should I give this mess

A razor blade tragedy

Or a kiss of happiness


Does it matter

Like most things we do

They never seem to impress

Anyone outside of you


Mr Oblivion

Goodbye Mr Oblivion
With your darkness I’m done
Saddled up to find a place of
Freedom and fun

Goodbye Mr Lonely One
May the mirror find you well
But the toll that this takes will
Leave you in hell

Goodbye Mr Solitude
Your borken and sweet
But I can’t be here with you I
Keep moving my feet

Goodbye Mr Raging Anger
Blood red and brused
Swollen knuckles and split lips are
How I’m leave you

Goodbye Mr Universe
I’ve had my fun
Maybe we will meet again but
Now I have to run

Hello Mr Oblivion
It seems like years
Please sit and talk with me while I
Name all my tears