There’s No Hope for Lonely Souls

We the many

The lonely souls

Broken for living

In these empty holes


Starved for love

We lonely few

Desperate for death

We seek out you


The Broken Goddess

The Anchored Soul

A chance for life

A chance for whole


We kneel before

In our strife

Show are devotion

With splinter and knife


Broken before

And broken behind

We pray to be whole

And wish to be kind


Empty as ever

With a broken core

Lost in the void

Thru the ever open door


Worm of Doubt

The wiggling, squiggling

Worm of doubt

Is stuck in my head

And it won’t get out


It wiggles and squiggles

Down into my heart

Eats up my love

Just tears it apart


I got a worm of doubt

Won’t leave me alone

Tunnels in my head

Is where it makes it’s home


Hopes and dreams

Are its daily bread

It gobbles them up

While I’m still in bed


When the worm speaks

I can’t help but listen

But I hide all the knives

If I’m in the kitchen


It slithers and shivers

Up to my ear

Now sit down boy

And listen here


You’ve made more mistakes

Like you always do

But the old worms here

To see you thru


She never did love ya

She never did care

You were just wind

Running thru her hair


Everyone hates

What you’ve become

And it’s your own fault

Cause you’re oh so dumb


You fall for the lies

Of all your “friends”

While they all hope

To see dead in the end


I’m your worm of doubt

And I won’t leave you

There’s no one else

To help you see it thru


I got a worm of doubt

Won’t leave me alone

While I cry on the floor

Of my home



I was drowning in these broken dreams
And lost without my pride
Now I’m running for the mountain
On the path of a simple life

I want more than I am given
And I want what I can’t have
How can a simple feeling
Make everything so bad

Maybe it’s just the thing I need
Maybe it’s all I can perceive
Maybe I’m going out of my mind
Maybe I’m running out of time

No obstacles before me
No stones lay in my path
And yet I still stumble
Every time that I look back

I’m ashamed because I’m unashamed
For the things that I have done
The path before me is plain
Even as it twists up to the sun


Just Beneath the Skin

You’ve come to be

What’s haunting me

No matter where I look

Your love is all it took


I called you friend

But this is the end

Now I walk this land

With my heart in my hand


And I’m bleeding still, from the wound you gave

I’ve got nothing left, no one to save

I’m running in panic from all I’ve been

When I’ve known all along that I am

Just beneath the skin


Battle of Skin

The wrinkle of sheets and covers
Form up this mountain of a mess
That you adorn in curving shades
On top of which you lay pressed

Your hips urging upward
Your back arched low
Your mouth crying faster
Your body crying slow

Your flesh, so far and so near
Has my hungry hands craving,
Roaming, searching, needing
While my resistance is caving

The pushing and the pressing
In this battle of skin
The Need, Need, Needing
A sweaty victory is ours to win

Trust, moan; thrust, moan
The rhythm of the sea
The pounding of the heart
The you, the me

Crashing, pounding
Calamity before peace
Moaning, screaming
A trembling release


Grey Hands

There was time

When I was blind

To everything, surrounding me


I was a pointless point

On an old blank map

I had no reason, to even be


And it’s with these grey hands

That I crawled in circles

A ship-less sailor, left ashore


I was terrified

Of finding light

So I shut myself, all away


I was a hopeless case

A lonely wanderer

Just a mountain, out to sea


And it’s with these grey hands

I came to understand

Life is more, then we perceive


The light never comes

From without

It only shines, from inside


The only things we see

Are just reflections of

How we want, them to be


And it’s with these grey hands

That I am letting go

Of everything, that I need



We sit in judgement of wounded flowers
Frail and hideous these broken stems
We cut them down in risk of death
Hoping hard that they will bud again

Though we feel we have come so far
And we may never be whole again
But we have nothing to fear
If we just light the fires

We may find ourselves drinking in an ocean
Will we swallow the fish or let them drown?
But we’ll never consider asking them
We’ll just make up their minds for all time

Should you find yourself asking why
Just turn your face up to the stars
You can find a place for your heart to shine
And you might even find it was all inside

Though we feel we have come so far
And we may never be whole again
But we have nothing to fear
If we just light the fires