Fire for Fear

You claim to be a sinner
Someones lost cause
You say you’re in darkness
Plunging into the devils jaws

Well I say you’re weary
From a life of fear
Spend nights crying your eyes out
Till you just can’t see clear

You pray to a god now
That you never believed
You pray that he’ll save you
Pick you up off your knees

Well I ain’t no god now
But I ain’t just some man
I’m a burning fire baby
So get up and run if you can

You lay out your reasons
Claim some terrible truth
But my fire burns hotter
And it’s coming straight for you

No where left to run baby
No where left to hide
My fire has found you
So watch it burn you alive

You’re a pile of ashes
Your bones pop and crack
My fire has feasted
And for you, no going back

Death ain’t no end baby
It’s just how it starts
No more life of fear baby
Now you got the fire in your heart

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