Journey through The Misty Vale

Young and lonely
Lost in the dark
Strange how so much life can
Come from a spark

They have always told me, life is
What you make
It’s not that destination, but the
Road that you take

After all the stops I’ve made
Along the roads I’ve seen
There are always others there or the
Signs they have been

In some stops I lingered, others
I barely stayed
What only seems to matter are the
Choices I made

What kind of lifetime can we
Expect to live
If we keep the love of our hearts
Safely hid

It’s okay to die, if it’s
Okay to live
You can find love, if you’re
Willing to give

If God is ever patient, while the
Devil strives
Then why do we work away
Most our lives

Destiny is a
Choice you make
Between roads treaded and
Causing your own wake

So walk into that darkness and
Never fear
For as long as there’s love in your heart
I will be right here

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