The Girl

There’s a girl on my front lawn

She’s been there for weeks

I invited her inside

But she didn’t even blink


Statue like she stands

Not a shiver or a shake

If it wasn’t for her opened eyes

I wouldn’t think she was awake


Her size belies her weight

She’s far too heavy to move

Feeling weaker by the second

Her stare tells me I have something to prove


I plant a seed to grow a house

A little home just for her

In the hopes that once it’s grown

It will cause her heart to stir


I water the seed with hope

And feed it all my dreams

Soon it will sprout

Bursting from its seams


I wonder about her first step

And if I’ll get to see

I wonder if she’ll stumble

And land on nothing but me


I’m in love with a girl

A statue on my lawn

I’m growing a home for her

So she can move on

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