Spider and Serpent

It’s nothing more than a tremble

From this teetering rotten wood

But its waves send to my dreams

Images of shadows in dark hoods


In the dark the shadows whisper

As creatures skitter and crawl

They say Spider and Serpent

Are to make meals of us all


They wind their way down to me

On scales and spindly legs

The terror of their touch is hammering

And cuts away my breathe to beg


My body is now shaking

As this feverish fear takes hold

I find no hope worth saving

Exiled and left bound in this cold


Serpent is the first to reach me

Her eyes cold and full of spite

She slithers up my body

Ready to take her bite


Spider dangles before me

Her features delicate and precise

The venom that drips from her fangs

Leave patches as cold as ice


Their places having been taken

The ritual can now begin

Serpent forms the circle

And Spider the pattern within


The hoods now gather round

Their chants low, and deep

I feel, my body, numbing

And my eyes, begging, for sleep…

3 thoughts on “Spider and Serpent

  1. “serpent forms the circle and spider the pattern within” a fanatstic piece of wordsmithery – also love the flow of this one and the in-the-air ending. Good work!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. I often struggle with the measure when writing, trying to make sure that when others read it it sounds as close to what I heard in my head.

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