A Place Remembered


What am I doing in this void
Is it safe and far away
Can you find a better place
To keep this darkness at bay

I’m calling out to you
But you turn the other way
I’m so alone and afraid
Of losing one more day

Why do I wait here for you
Why do I suffer all this pain
I can’t make you understand
I can’t make my reasons plain

So I wallow in this filth
My pit of guiltiness and shame
I can’t find the words to say
So I take on all the blame

And in my darkest hour
I find a light of purest white
It leads me back home
To all the wrongs I must right

It’s not a welcome fortune
But a path I must choose
Facing all this guilt
From the tears and abuse

An anger rises
And settles on my brow
This fire keeps on climbing
But I swear I don’t know how

The words rise up first
Followed quickly by the fist
Smashing the mirror
And cutting my wrist

Blood flows freely
Down on the checkered floor
Reaching for something
I find the bedroom door

I try to wrap the wound
But it’s clear I will not live
And soon all you’ll have
Is a stain to remember this

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